Learning material integrating the course of International Veterinary Legislation

The learning material is available also in this folder of google drive

Law pills and fundamentals of animal welfare

Presentation, 2022.07.04, Dr.Mariana Roccaro

Article: D.M. Broom, A History of Animal Welfare Science

Article: A. Prunier and coll., Identifying and monitoring pain in farm animals: a review

Animal welfare and biosecurity assesment in ruminant farms

Presentation, 2022.07.05, Dr.Mariana Roccaro

Article: Beaver and coll., A systematic review of the effects of early separation on dairy cow and calf health

Overview of swine sector: farming, legislation and market opportunities

Presentation, 2022.07.06, Dr.Riccardo Panichi

Article: Temple Grandin, Welfare of pigs during transport.pdf

Article: Rioja-Lang and coll., Review of swine transportation research on priority welfare issues: a canadian perspective

Farming global poultry meat sector

Presentation, 2022.07.07, Dr. Nicolò Cinotti

Article: Saatkamp and coll., Development of sustainable business models for insect-fed poultry production: opportunities and risks

Egg supply chain, focus on: market, welfare, legislation and nutrition

Article: Tahamtani and coll., Environmental enrichment in commercial flocks of aviary housed laying hens: relationship with plumage condition and fearfulness

Article: Baker and coll., The Effect of Hard Pecking Enrichment during Rear on Feather Cover, Feather Pecking Behaviour and Beak Length in Beak-Trimmed and Intact-Beak Laying Hen Pullets